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Overview of WeChat Work Verification
  1. WeChat Work verification provides more safe and strict authenticity verification to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of companies and users.
  2. After approval, more features will be available, such as the “Verified” mark displayed in business card.
  3. The WeChat Work verification is conducted by a third-party verification agency. Therefore, you will be charged a verification fee when applying for verification. Verification fee: 300 CNY


  1. Verification is supported for companies, government agencies and organizations from Mainland China.
  2. Each time when you apply for the verification, whether the application is successful or not, you need to pay the verification fee for the verification service provided by us or a third-party verification agency.
  3. Government agencies and some other types of organizations are exempted from paying verification fee for the verification for their WeChat Work accounts.
  4. WeChat Work verification is valid for 1 year. Re-verification is required upon expiration.

The difference between WeChat Work verification and entity information verification:
What is the entity information verification

Available features after WeChat Work verification:


  1. Same ability as the WeChat Work verification can be obtained by verifying through the WeChat official account authorization that has completed WeChat verification.