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How do I configure a welcome message for members?

Welcome message is configured by the admin or business owner. The configured message is only available for the members with the permission to “Contact Customers”. A customer will also receive the welcome message after adding a member as contact.
The supported welcome message types include text, image, video, webpage, and Mini Program. A maximum of 9 images/videos/webpages/Mini Programs can be added attachments.
n- On the mobile phone, the company admin or business owner can set the welcome message for members in “Workspace” -> “Contact Customers” -> “Settings” -> “Welcome Message”;

-On Web page, the company admin needs to log in to the company’s admin console and set the message in “Contact Customers” -> “Add Customer” -> “Welcome Message”.

  • On the PC, the admin or business owner can set the welcome message in “Workspace” -> “Contact Customers” -> “Settings” -> “Welcome Message”.

    Note: A welcome message is limited to 100 characters.

To set different H5 webpages or Mini Program pages for individual members in the welcome message, you can provide the member’s UserID parameter in the link.
For example:
The pagepath of a Mini Program is: pages/index?orderid=123123123
You can also add the userID parameter directly: wxwork_userid=xxxxxx