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WeCom Verification Naming Overview

1. Naming description

1) After WeCom verification, the verified name will become the short name of the company.
2) You can name based on the·short name of the company (brand) or organization, or based on the trademark.

2. Naming principle

1) Use the company’s full name, or name it based on the company’s short name/trademark. If any region is involved, the region should be within the territory registered in the business license.
2) The name to be verified in WeCom must be uniquely identifiable and objective in the company’s industry, and must not involve infringement, exaggeration, advertising and misleading information.

3. How to name

1) If the name is included in the full name of the company and does not infringe on a trademark, you can name it “based on short name of the company”.

2) If the name to be applied contains a trademark, select the “based on trademark” naming method.

4. Name uniqueness

If a name is verified, other companies will no longer be able to verify again using this name.