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What are the features of Connect to WeChat?

WeChat Work is a special connector for companies to connect to the WeChat ecosystem.
There are four features in Connect to WeChat:

1.Exchange Messages with WeChat
Members can add WeChat users as contacts directly in WeChat Work and message each other.
2.Mini Program
The WeChat Work app has a built-in mini program basic library, which allows companies to migrate WeChat mini programs to their WeChat Work with simple configuration. Companies can also develop mini programs more suitable for their internal scenarios using the special APIs provided by WeChat Work.
3.Company Pay
Link the existing WeChat Pay merchant account to use the payment feature in WeChat Work, including Receive Money from External, Pay External User, and WeChat Work-specific features: Receive Money from Employee and Pay Employee. WeChat Work also provides development-free apps such as Receipt via QR Code and Send Red Packet to Employee.
4.WeChat Workplace
Without having to·download the WeChat Work app, members can scan the QR code to follow WeChat Workplace and receive company notifications at WeChat and use company apps.