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What is Meeting?/How do I initiate a voice/video meeting?

Meeting is an efficient multi-person real-time communication and collaboration method, covering the needs of cross-regional online meetings in business scenarios.

  1. The meeting creator can initiate a meeting in the following ways:
    1) Go to “Workplace” -> “Meeting” and initiate a meeting appointment in advance. Then, members will receive the meeting appointment reminder and choose “accept”/“pending”/“reject”. In the appointment, enter the meeting subject, type, time, and participants, and add meeting notes in remarks.

    2) Go to “Workplace” -> “Meeting” and initiate meetings. Participants are required. Selected members will receive meeting calls immediately after initiation.

    3) When the creator selects more than 9 people to initiate a voice/video call from a group chat, a voice/video meeting will be initiated automatically.
  2. The creator can view, edit and cancel the appointed meeting in “Workplace” -> “Meeting”, and start meeting early before the appointed time.

  3. When the appointed time comes, the creator will receive a reminder to start the meeting easily. Then, other participants will also receive a call to quickly join the meeting.

Video Demo of Meeting Features

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