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When a member is associated with multiple punch rules, which one prevails?

In principle, a member can only be associated with one punch rule, but he/she may be associated with different punch rules at the individual and department levels.

1. If a member is associated with a rule at the individual level:

This rule prevails over other department-level rules.

2. If a member belongs to multiple departments with different rules:

Case 1: If the department levels are different, the rules of the department at the lowest level shall prevail;
As shown in the figure below, A1 is a lower-level department of A, and B and A are same-level departments.
When a member is in A, B, and A1, the punch rules of A1 department will prevail.

Case 2: If the department level is the same, the latest added rules will prevail.
As shown in the figure below, A1 and B2 are at the same level. The admin first adds the punch rules of A1, and then adds the punch rules of B2.
When a member is in A1 and B2 at the same time, the latest added punch rules of B2 will prevail.

Company Organizational Directory Diagram

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